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  1. Nowhera Shaikh is an Indian politician and current president of all Indian Mahila empowerment party. She was the founder of the Heera group. Even a full-time social worker. Nowhere Shaikh is one of the finest businesswomen in the industry. But nowadays, she is seeking justice and answer.

In 2018 she had been arrested and accused of Ponzi scheme and unpaid to the investor as well.

But the thing is, how is it possible? 

  • Thirty thousand staff were working in the Heera Group of Companies who became jobless after her arrest. Older women and the needy were provided with medical helpMobile clinics, up to 100 vans were running each day to the different villages to treat the needy and poor. Daily, thousands of people use to get help from the medical facilities from the profit of Heera groups. However, just cause of this offend there are not getting even basic amenities.
  • According to the expert, there some conspiracy against her. A few opposition parties or, Person are just striving to infamous her cause she now becomes prestigious women in India and working in so many fields .one more thing we want to mention in what way she arrested that was illegitimate. Like someone wanted to make her character infamous forever.  
  • As we all know that she has lots of work in the marketing field, there are lots of competes for her, Might be it is possible to get jealous from her, so that they started getting losses in their business, these are some also reason to make conspiracy against her. Now we can see how many people are suffering due to der arresting because they had to stop their work; thus, they are not getting their basic amenities and having lots of problems. Now we have to stand by her cause we know she is innocent. She did nothing except welfare things.

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