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Dr. Nowhera Shaik says passport has been surrendered in Court

Dr Nowhera has recently got bailed by the Court after proving her records straightforward and allegations wrong. Justice G Sri Devi of the High Court, hearing the case, has asked to surrender her passport. However, Dr Nowhera Shaik did as per the supreme order.

Her opposition says that she will run after coming out of jail and keep her behind bars. But in a report, Dr Nowhera Shaik says passport surrendered in the Court; how can she run away?

However, it is just a fake allegation to defame the character of Dr Nowhera Shaik. So that her reputation in public and among investors gets destroyed. Because Dr Nowhera Shaik has established a political party to continue her philanthropist works. It might be a big problem for her opponents as their place may snatched by Dr Nowhera Shaik.

Nowhera Shaikh, CEO of Heera Group, says that eradicating the practice of levying interest and encouraging halal business are the objectives of her firm. “I want to see an interest-free world, and it is my dream,” Nowhera Shaikh, who has been active in business and social work for several years, stated.

Heera Group, a company spread across different countries, has known for its charitable activities. “We are ready to save people from interest (riba),” Dr Nowhera Shaik stated.

We will set up a women’s helpline at India Trade Center, and we intend to support needy women from any country. I consider it as our religious duty,” she continued.

“We have plans to help people who are in financial difficulties. Of course, we are in business, but our main objective is humanitarian activities. Our ultimate goal is to provide strong support and a common platform for all, especially for women, by bringing about social upliftment and chartering a better lifestyle for them,” said Dr Nowhera Shaik.

Addressing a press conference in Dubai, she urged the media people to help the people in distress.

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