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Dr. Nowhera Shaik threatened to enter politics

Who knows a woman will come into politics and trouble political goons

The political goons threatened her to be afraid to go into politics? But not scared of anyone she stepped into politics. After all, she is known for being called Iron Lady!

Dr. Nowhera Shaik Received Threatening Calls 

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP), has revealed that she had received many threatening messages and calls from the opponent party not to enter into politics because she is the lady of clean character. Her opponent feels that they would lose their seats if she entered into politics and could not continue their corruption. 

But besides having these threatening calls, she entered politics and worked on the aim that she had determined far earlier. Her party serves unprivileged females who can’t find job and complete education. So she established an institute to get a better education and stand on their feet, hence live an independent life. After seeing the massive success of her initiatives, she expanded her philanthropic works across India. She established her schools in Mumbai, Belapur, Surat, and many other places.

Although her intention was all pure and it is troubling opponent parties, they started a fake scenario to defame the reputation of Dr Nowhera Shaik among the public. As a result, many baseless cases filed against Dr Nowhera Shaik. 

A Brief of Dr Nowhera Shaik 

Dr Nowhera Shaik is a true example of an accomplished person from a humble background. People who love her call her the Iron Lady because of her courage, resilience, persistence and hard work ethic.

Coming from a family of poor economic background, she firmly insisted young girls be educated. She believed that education is the only light that can cure the darkness of hatred and other intolerances. It is only education that can make the young girls feel more powerful as they will exercise their rights thereon. Even after tremendous hardships, she educated herself and turned into the wise lady that she is today. She has created an empire of her own.

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