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Get gifts of silver coins. Continue your trade with us

Continue your trade with us entirely or partially to unlock many exciting chances.

When Dr. Nowhera Shaik had founded her company, the Heera Group, and had launched her grand projects one after the other, she had barely imagined that a day would come when she would be harassed for some weird rumors against her! The day of her stepping into politics was remarkable. She founded a party that considered uplifting the conditions of women all across the country. However, She could never imagine that she will go through unnecessary suffering because of an independent life decision she took, even amidst such. She was ready to pay off all her debts to the investors of Heera Group.

Especially her post-release press statement had indicated that she would be forming some structure to pay off her investors in the best possible way. She created a process that would be symbiotic between her company and the investors.

Furthermore, they can either continue the trade relationship with the group, opt for partial withdrawal, or complete request cancellation of suspending the trade relation—the investors. The latter will prefer to keep the trade going on like it. The diamond membership will qualify an investor for a discount offer of 5% on the purchase of every product from Heera Mart. The offer is available for a lifetime. Oh, did I forget to specify the gift offer? A 10-gm silver coin is waiting for you.

Diamond membership is also applicable for children. Besides, the next option is the option to retain a portion of money for investment. In this case, the investor will be suitable for gold membership and many other discount offers for a lifetime. The final option is to surrender the trade, which will make you ineligible for application; for new members for the next 5-years.

By Aadvi

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