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Heera Group is one of India’s best gold trading companies and the Gulf countries. We offer endless trading opportunities for our customers to earn halal profit. During the pandemic situation, Heera Digital Gold has every possibility to be a blessing for humanity as it will allow people to have gold investments directly from their own homes. Heera Group buys an equal amount of actual Gold in the name of people investing and keeps it in secure lockers once an investor invests in their Digital Gold agreements. With such a credit system, one can be sure that their Gold is quite absolutely in “secure hands”. You can even save as little as a few hundred.

Heera Digital Gold launched on 1st January 2022.

During the entire period of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business firms which were earlier carried out offline opted for an online mode of operation. Similarly, Heera Group has focused on developing brand new setups that customers could access online. Not just that, we introduced an online platform for many other units that already existed in the form of an offline approach. We had been working and making improvements and changes in the features and characteristics concerned with the digital gold trade since before August 2021. Now finally, after putting in lots of effort, Heera Digital Gold was launched on 1st January 2022 at Heera Mart. The recognition that Heera Group owns today is the result of their sincerity with both- the projects they deal in and customers they deal with

Innumerable investors invest in Gold by dealing in physical Gold in gold bars or gold jewels. These same people invested their money in digital Gold during this lockdown because the jewellery shops remained closed. You do not need to worry about any factors when purchasing the Heera Digital Gold.

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