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Digital gold refers to a safer, faster, and easier way to invest online gold. Being entirely online, investing in digital metals helps hedge financial market risks and rising inflation. The Heera Digital World platform will act as a marketplace that will allow investors to buy and sell gold of 99.9% purity at a live market rate. The government-owned MMTC issues Digital Gold in association with PAMP of Switzerland, one of the global leaders in bullion branding. The joint venture, MMTC-PAMP, operates the world’s most advanced gold processing facility. MMTC-PAMP has now come out with the issue of Digital Gold, which will be issued online in the form of 24K 999.9 Fine Gold Coins.

Heera Digital Gold has been secluded in a dedicated vault, and the gold has been insured with the entire cost.

The gold backing your Heera Digital Gold has been secluded in a dedicated vault, and the gold has been insured with the entire cost of insurance being borne by MMTC. Hence your risk of loss is virtually zero. Execution as the whole, including the actual transaction, the debit to your bank account, as well as the credit to your online Digital Gold account, will happen seamlessly. There is no involvement of physical gold in the entire process, making the whole process will be largely peaceful and hassle-free for you inshaAllah.

You can buy Heera digital gold in the lowest possible denomination of 100-500. That would entail buying gold in fractions of grams. So it is almost like a mutual fund where you can invest low amounts. This makes Heera Digital Gold accessible even to small and medium-sized investors. Also, since your gold will be stored in electronic format and there are no risks and storage costs, it will become more attractive for small investors. InshaAllah, Heera Digital Gold will offer an ingenious way of participating in gold with small investments and as a hedge against the uncertainties of the market

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