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Heera Group has got 1352 New Trade requests on its first day of Trade.

Have your investment in Heera Group?

You want to know the fate of your investment in Heera Group? Then this article is all you need to give a read. After the release of Dr. Nowhera Shaik from jail, the court ordered her to clear all debts with the investors. Dr. Nowhera Shaik had kept her promises and has made it further clear to the world that she was no fraud. Finally, she has extended all the possible services to the investors and has offered them three offers.

Mainly the three offers include the investors opting for trade continuation requests, where they will continue their investment with the Heera Group. The investors will qualify for diamond membership. They will be gifted with a silver coin of 10-gm weightage and also; a discount offer of 5% on any product or service from Heera Group. The diamond membership includes special discount offers on Heera jewelry, Heera digital gold projects, Heera Real estate projects, or on any purchase from Heera Mart, that too for a lifetime.

Although laid out the second option to the investors; are they chose to proceed with trading with Heera Group on a partial note. The partial trade continuation request permits the investors to keep apart and rest to stay funded. In this case, the investors; gets paid with a 5-gm silver coin and a special discount offer of 3% on any product or service; purchase from Heera Group. The discount proposal will be applicable for every purchase for endurance. The different types of services extended to its customers will fall under the discount scheme and known as Gold membership.

Especially the third option for the investors is to remove all investments and opt for a Total withdrawal or surrender request. The investor who chooses to discontinue the investment; will not be eligible for a new membership on Heera Group for the next 5-years. However, Heera Group has got 1352 New Trade requests on its first day of Trade.

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