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Heera Group is running again like it used to do after proving all the blame vague. Those were the accusation spread by enemies of the company and the political opposition of Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s political party, All India Mahila Empowerment Party. As Dr. Nowhera Shaik has proved herself and Heera Group truthful in the courtroom, the company is again back on its track and started working more robustly than before. Although, this time, the company has come up with new schemes and services that will someway or other will benefit the company’s investors.

As the company’s new services are quite captivating, so many new investors join hands with the Heera Group and start a more bright journey. The new services are much beneficial for the investors; that is why on the second day of the company’s opening, Heera Group has got 452 New Trade requests.
These numbers reflect that many investors still believe in the company’s work, and they want to keep investing in the plans of Heera Group.

The trade request that Heera Group received from new investors is for various services like a silver coin, infrastructure, and the latest Digital Gold service. Digital Gold investment services are recently introduced by the company and captivating the attention of many investors. Moreover, the scheme is accompanied by many facilities for the investors like on doorstep delivery of physical gold, one gram free gold with one gram digital gold, a hundred percent pure gold, and many other gifts from the company’s side.

Furthermore, investors are continuing their bond with the company, and many new investors are joining the company.

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