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In 1998, Dr. Nowhera Shaik Iaid the foundation of the Heera Group of companies with a broad goal of helping as many people as possible. Heera Group is a dream project which was established with a sacred motive to maximize the income of the poor and downtrodden section of the society. Heera Group believes in sustainable expansion of business. It is this principle that has made them an important business contender not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. The craze for Heera Group products especially in the middle eastern countries is a sight to behold.

Heera Group has won numerous awards and recognitions under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Nowhera Shaik.

Heera Group is the dream project that was started 23 years back with eyes full of veins rupturing with ambitions. In the whole business journey, Dr. Nowhera Shaik never wanted to take credit after helping people with their requirements. Heera Group has won numerous awards and recognitions under her guidance and leadership. Heera Group extended its service concerning medical support and mobile clinics. Heera Group has given many of its properties to Covid-19 Isolation centers and provides medicines at the doorstep under this drive. Distributed many ration kits for the needy.

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