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Heera Group is the worth rupees 1 lakh crore dream project of a young girl who wants to stay relevant in the coming future. Nowhera Shaik tried to set an example among young girls by providing them access to run their businesses. She is a new-age entrepreneur who has not received high education due to poverty and lack of resources. Nowhera Shaik founded the Heera group in 1998, and it is now 23 years old. It is not only present in India but overseas. Middle East countries have a unique craze for their products, for example, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.

Heera Group not only formulates new strategies to generate more significant profit but also works to empower women. Some outstanding features are not present in all business organizations. Nowhera Shaik is a master in risk-taking decisions and proved that she is a sturdy decision-maker regarding her entrepreneurial role. She has expanded her business with consistent hard work and dedication. Nowhere believed in staying lazy in business and always wanted to explore multiple products. She always wanted her company to hold a fair share in the business market.

Heera Group has multiple products.

Heera group is a Hyderabad-based company doing business in more than 50 nations. Heera group deals in textile, Electronic, and real estate industries to export and import in different countries. Nowhera Shaik made sure that her company reached the zenith of success. She has expanded business in almost all the metro cities, and women across India trusted and invested in it.

It runs dozens of Malls that deal in Gold, silver, diamond, electronics, and mineral waters. The company recorded its best performance in 2015 with a turnover of 10000 crores; however, it ruled the Indian economy for 23 years. Nowhera Shaik is the wealthiest Indian woman worth rupees 1 lakh crore. Above all, she is the richest Muslim woman in the world.

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