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Heera Group Construction Business

Dr. Nowhera Shaik has brought back the lost track of her company and now decided to introduce many new services. She also has many new helplines for its investors. It clarifies all the doubts regarding the latest services of the Heera Groups. Hence, for this, the company has already hired many proficient employees to continue its services.

The Heera Group Provides services In Gold, Trading, Textile, Jewellery, Mineral Water, Granite, Tours & Travel, Real Estate, Electronics, Hajj & Umrah Services. Finally, in the series of services, the construction business will be the new branch of the Heera Group that the company will initiate.

One of Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s meetings is to spread her company branches into the construction sector. The Heera Group is looking forward to employing more people into the team to work in this sector. Also, in addition to this, the Heera group will open to manage this construction area.

The Heera Group of firms is a conglomeration of 15 companies beyond India, with more than 6000 operators under it. The company is holding its arms across India and extending its operations around the world. By being motivated in presenting the customers with efficient products and the services.

Established by Ms. Nowhera Shaikh in 1998, the Heera Group is India’s private sector enterprise, with trade in the products and educational value branches. The Indian conglomerate business was established as the Heera Group of companies for 23 years by Dr. Nowhera Shaik.

The Heera Group is a scout in the gold trading business, with its central agency in Hyderabad and the branches all over India, UAE, and other Middle East countries. Hence, the company includes different trade sectors like Gold Trading, Textiles, Jewelry, Mineral Water, FMCG, Finance, Hospitals, Retail, Granite, Tours & Travel, Real Estate, Electronics, E-Commerce, etc.

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