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Heera Group and its CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik is thanking all the non complainants for supporting the company. The decision of non complainants to stay with the company will be rewarded by the company they will get their full payment without profit deduction. Nowhera Shaik has decided to reward the non complainants for their decision to stand with the company. After the profit is taken from the total amount deposited, the claimants will receive their money. Yet, even though they gained any profit from the money they invested, Nowhera Shaik will pay the full sum to non-claimants. Years long legal battle is going to end. The claimants are running to the SFIO office to settle their claim but most of the non claimants are getting their money directly from Heera Group without any profit deduction.  They chose to support and stand with the Heera Group and in return, the Heera Group is helping them and paying them first without the profit deduction.  Non claimants are the real winners.

The claimants will receive their money after deducting the profit from the total invested.

The claimants will receive their money after deducting the profit from the total invested.  But despite having made any profit on the money they invested, the Heera group will nevertheless pay the full sum to non-claimants. A brilliant decision by the non complainants to stand with the Nowhera Shaik because she will pay them before anyone else and support them in any sought of problem. Following the deduction of the profit from the total amount invested, the claimants will receive their money. Nonetheless, the non claimants will get the full sum even if they received any return from the money they invested. Heera Group stands with the Non claimants and they are also supporting Heera Group by standing by their side. Heera Group is showing its love for noncompliance by paying them the entire amount without deducting the profits. Heera Group non claimants are really on the safe side and in profit as they will get more money than claimants.

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