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India's ranking has declined

However, under Modi, India’s ranking thrived on three indicators (including World Bank’s Doing Business index) but fell on 41. India scores better in ‘political rights’ though fares badly in ‘civil rights..’

The government was concerned about its descent.

We can find out this because it is mentioned in a press release on 10 July with the big headline: “NITI Aayog organizes a virtual workshop to monitor the performance of 29 select Global Indices”. 

At this seminar, the government determined that it would develop a “single, informative dashboard for all the 29 Global Indices”, which would provide for “monitoring of the parameters as per standard data and the information source employed by the publishing agencies”. 

Nonetheless, this monitoring activity was “not just to increase rankings but to improve systems and encourage improvements to draw investments and to grow India’s judgment globally.”

The government seemed to consider that the subject was one related to the image slightly than truth. A statement the following month stated the government was “working to enhance India’s ranking on 29 global indices, and it requires the message to transfer everyone powerful and cleared.” The way it would do this was “a massive advertising campaign” that would “shape India’s perception” through advertising and “micro-sites of ministries”, and it would also “publicize the problems, parameters and data sources of global indices.”

Under BJP rule, India’s ranking improved on three indicators (encompassing the World Bank’s Doing Business index). It continued the same on two however befell on forty-one.

The drop was so significant and so asserted that organizations carried similar outcomes through diverse methodologies. India since 2014 has poorly performed on six indices that tracked civil liberties and pluralism, five that followed health and literacy, two tracking religious freedom and minorities, two tracking internet denial, six following national power of various types, four tracking rule of law and corruption, four tracking sustainability and the environment, four following gender issues and their safety, four tracking economic freedoms of Indians and four tracking urban spaces.

By Aadvi

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