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Heera Gold Foundation

A woman in a ‘Niqab’ took Heera Gold to a foreign country that she started with a few women.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a famous philanthropist and women entrepreneur, furnishing an advanced definition to modern business. She is the founder of Heera Group. Moreover it started from a small group of women in Hyderabad and now has set its foot in foreign countries. In spite of facing many ups and downs so far, it still exist. And it is considered one of the renowned groups in the country and worldwide.

Started from a small Women’s group: Dr. Nowhera started selling jewelry that she buys from a goldsmith. Between the year 1997 to 1998, she formed a group of women who invested in her business plan. After selling that jewelry, whatever the profit generated, she shared it among them regularly. 

Evolution of Heera Gold: Gradually, her scheme is getting pace, and in 2008, the women’s group initiated her to take this small business on a large scale, and it is the beginning of ‘Heera Gold’. Accordingly it is the first firm that she started and now recognized in foreign countries for 23 years. Therefore, the company has launched its chain across India and different countries like UAE and other Middle East countries.

The current state of Heera Groups: In addition, the company is an amalgamation of different services that once dealt in only gold trading business in 1998. It is a private sector company that sells commodities and an educational institution for serving humankind. The company renders various services like Gold Trading, Textiles, Jewelry, Mineral Water, FMCG, Finance, Hospitals, Retail, Granite, Tours & Travels, Real Estate, Electronics, and E-Commerce, etc.

The development of Heera Groups is based on serving humanity which now owns the most extensive warehouse in UAE, thus operating a textile manufacturing system in China, and also a mineral water plant in Hyderabad.

By Aadvi

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