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Nowadays, Nowhera Shaik has to face lots of problems due to media, investors, and so on. Still, she has faith in her employees, members, and their supporters. She is innocent and has said her members to stand by her side.

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh is thankful 

In an interview, she thanked all company members that as they all were stood by in her golden era the same, they are still with her and supporting her and making people understand that you don’t need to be worried about people’s investment.

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh again assured

According to the estimation it has said that the Heera group is a company of about 1 lakh crore and people had invested 6500 thousand crores, so she has assured once again that suppose if she is not able to defrayal the money of her investors, then she will sale her companies share and then will pay. Still, she also has said that this is the second option. She has said the I am guaranteed that unless I am there, The Heera group company will not see this kind of situation ever.

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has paid so far

Asking from the people and from the finance group of Heera Group that Company has returned the money of 2500 investors and settled with about 1300 investors with 6g gold. It is being speculated that all the debts and charges will be clear within just a few months. And she has said this as well that after getting cleared the charges, whoever wants to continue with Heera Group Company they are most welcome or whoever don’t want we will without any restriction return their shares. 

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