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Opponents are engaged in spoiling Dr. Nowhera shaikh’s image undoubtedly it is being said. Let’s see how deep the truth this is.

As we heard that people would get 36% of that amount they invest. Heera group made their investors believe that they are not their customers; they are their partners. And she has started indeed.

Here is a summary about her for those who don’t know about Dr. Nowhera shaikh.

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh was born to Shaikh Nanne Saheb and Shaik Bilkis on 21 September 1973; she is a super lady and a powerful entrepreneurDr. Nowhera Shaikh is a perfect example of an accomplished identity from a humble background.

For more deep detail about this super lady, don’t forget to visit this page –

  • As per some Interviews of Heera Group members, Investors and some people’s opinions show that situations have started getting changed. Now many people are saying that no!! The company is trustable. WHY? After giving some proof in The High Court, the court also has accepted that she must be given at least a chance. And we have already discussed what criteria she will have to follow. If you want to read then you can switch to this page –
  • Opinions of The members, some investors and people – As per the interaction, many of them have said this that suppose she would have been a scammer. She has this much money to handle all the things on her own Still, and she is didn’t do what she is here and return everybody’s money. The biggest prof is that she didn’t run away anywhere. And she has done many things like for women, girls, labors, for Nation and many So on and so forth.
  • Some of them have said this: If she had been a fraud, would she have run away like Vijay Malya?  And some companies like Pardesi Group, Sahara India, Rose velly, Rida Agro Farm, AI Rahmania Group. Seeing these situations, we can say that very soon, the rumors are being spread about her will be fine by time. 

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