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Nowhera Shaik is one such example who has been the hero for many aspiring women. She had managed to give tutorials to girls from low-income families who could not afford their education fees on her demanding days. Also, on her initiative, she started the Islamic academic institution, which provides free education to needy people. This step for social benefit had inspired many women to imitate and serve society. A Journalist, Hussaini, claims that Nowhera Shaik has duped Rs 5000 crore, but the CCS department gave this figure in the past. However, the figure is taken from the total turnover income tax figures paid to the government, So it’s a highly exaggerated figure.

The actual amount of investors is close to 2000 crore, and more than half of investors have already withdrawn their amounts and got back money into their accounts. However, after removing withdrawal amounts, the actual part of investors is close to 1000 crore, and more than 76% of investors continued to trade with Heera Gold. After calculating all the paid amounts, the actual amount to be returned is less than 250 crore. Kindly understand that the turnover income shown to the govt for income tax includes HG income 60% and investors income 40%… And it also has other companies under H.G. (there are at least 20 sub-companies). The investment was made only in 3 companies (gold, textiles, foodex).

S.A. Hussaini is one such name who has tried to get cheap fame by attacking Aalima Nowhera Shaik.

Today we are not here to defend anyone, but the truth should prevail, and these paid journalists should be exposed. Journalist S.A. Hussaini is one such name who has tried to get cheap fame by attacking Aalima Nowhera Shaik; we have a list of all those who asked for bribes from Nowhera Shak, and today, they are neither of the house nor of the pier. Further, this paid guy accuses Nowhera Shaik of collecting money from the NRI’s in the name of Halal investment and illegally transferring those amounts to his family members. The reality is that Nowhera Shaik is widely famous for her generosity, and she knows how to donate; she has never collected a single paise from anyone in the name of Halal investment. Nowhera Shaik is a very tolerant and generous lady who paid media have abused, but she never responds to anyone.

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