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Heera Group founder and CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik turned 48 today. She was born in Tirupati on September 21, 1973. She is the oldest daughter of Sheik Nanne Sahab, a businessman at the time of her birth. At 19, Nowhera began working on the core women’s problems and developed a small women’s group at the regional level. Hailing from the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, she is one of the most prominent Indian billionaires. In 1998, Nowhera started the Heera group of companies with a noble cause to empower backward women. She aimed to provide them employment and make them self-reliant. The first venture of Heera Group was established in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Later, she expanded her business in Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc. In the last 23 years, the Heera group has grown in every part of the nation and worldwide.

Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group of Companies

In 2007, Nowhera Shaik’s colleagues and associates urged her to expand Heera Group, and later she developed it. The company has diversified extensively worldwide, such as Heera Gold, Heera Textiles, Heera Foodex, Heera Gold Exports China, Heera Hajj & Umrah, Heera Jewellers, Heera Pure Drop(Mineral Water), etc. Nowhera Shaik is one of the most influential women of India and has extensive experience in the international Gold market, international trade, business development, and marketing plans.

However, Nowhera Shaik is not ready to accept the patriarchal mindset; she firmly believes in a secular, safe and tolerant society for all. Being a businesswoman, profit maximization is not the only motive of business, as per Nowhera Shaik. She believes in extending her support to underprivileged women in society. In 2017, the Heera group recorded its best-ever performance in the last 23 years. It was selected for The Indian Super 100 books and owned half a dozen malls and trades in gold, textile, Real Estate, and electronics.

May Allah fulfill all her dreams and give her long and healthy life.

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