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Journey of Dr. Nowhera Shaik

The Journey of Dr. Nowhera Shaik from Vegetable Hawker to a significant Public Figure, Who knows that a Madrasa student would become a prominent figure in India and even outside the country? Belonging from a middle-class family and in spite of losing parents at an early age, Dr. Nowhera put forward a true example that nothing can stop you from achieving success if you are a determinant. In addition, she is one of the public figures that an unprivileged child can look up to and get the strength of dreaming to succeed. But how did she come so far all alone? Let’s find out.

Journey of Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Gave Islamic Lessons To Unprivileged Children

As we already told you, Dr. Nowhera had a disturbing school life. Somehow she completed her madrasa education and worked as a vegetable hawker. After passing out from the madrasa, she started giving Islamic lessons at the age of nineteen to few girls coming from weak economic backgrounds like her. Hence this gives her philanthropist from a quite early age. It seems like it is in her blood.

Dr. Nowhera is Philanthropist at an Early Age

Although, as the number of students started involving in the class, she started an Islamic school with an enrolment of 150 students, and that even free of cost. Later, she initiated the foundation of Heera Gold and started trading in gold. Besides which the profit that generated can help her in taking her mission of serving humankind to run smoothly. However, this intention is witnessed from the tagline of her foundation, and that is “In the Interest of all Mankind”.

Dr. Nowhera Gain Recognition from Establishment of AIMEP

Moreover to promote the weaker section of the society and women, Dr. Nowhera has launched the political party AIMEP. And the tagline is “Justice For Humanity”. Consequently this movement has brought her into politics, and she started getting recognized. Her party’s viewpoint clarifies that it is established for highlighting problems like child labor, gender inequality, illiteracy, poverty, etc. Journey of Dr. Nowhera Shaik from Vegetable Hawker to a significant Public Figure has given the courage for many women in the country to pursue their dreams.

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