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The Mumbai police said on February 4 that they had detained five persons for allegedly pushing women into pornographic films. They would promise these aspiring actresses from all across the nation opportunities in web series if they came to Mumbai. On the day of the filming, however, they would alter the script and threaten the women with exposure. If the women decline, they would be responsible for the cost of the shooting preparations. 

After the films were shot, the defendants made them available on mobile applications with subscriptions similar to those seen on popular OTT platforms. They would then use social media channels to market. Because pornography is prohibited in India, this was also unlawful.

What were the production methods and locations for these films? 

According to the police, it would typically be a daylong shoot in a leased villa on the outskirts of Mumbai, such as Madh Island. A minimum of five to six individuals would be employed as directors, dialogue writers, location scouters, and web app developers.

According to the authorities, these applications grew popular during the lockdown, with some having tens of thousands of users.

What role did Raj Kundra play, according to the police? 

The police investigation included two components. One was pursuing people who created the pornographic shows, while the other was pursuing those who broadcast the clips. Some of these production companies stream from servers located outside of the United States.

The executive of one such UK production firm, Umesk Kamat, was detained when it was discovered to be uploading a similar video. According to an officer, Kundra’s arrested was because of his claimed ties to Kamat and the firm that posted the pornographic content.

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