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Heera Group has once again bounced back in the business world. After a halt of two and half years, Heera Group business again restarted its operation with all the efforts and dedication. The company has grown from just a gold trading business to a consortium of companies in diverse fields of jewelry, textiles, mineral water, e-commerce, travel and tourism, and many more. On 1st January 2022, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shiak launched Heera Digital Gold from the Heera Mart Kukatpally. Customers can buy digital gold directly from the official website of Heera Digital World. After purchasing, Heera Digital Gold will be directly transferred to the customer’s wallet. Once purchased, the company buys an equal amount of physical gold and stores it in secure vaults. If the customer wants to convert the digital gold into physical gold, later on, the customer will be delivered the physical gold at home anywhere around the globe.

Nowhera Shaik is thankful to our Hon’ble Apex court of India for directing the Heera Group to restart the business operating smoothly. Heera Group is the only company in at least 50 years of history to bounce back after crushing allegations that put a highly profitable company through the doors of crises. The company has bounced back by fighting the legal battle and is operating at optimal capacity. More than 70% of the company’s members stood by them even during the rough patch. Customers can buy digital gold in jewelry, coins, or bars from Heera Digital Gold (HDG) platform. They can choose the number of carats, type, etc., and store them in our secure vaults,” she said. We will open their offices across the world by next year, and this month we are going to inaugurate our stores in many states.

Nowhera Shaik is ready for a fresh start, the only way to forget yesterday’s distress.

The company offers several services ranging from Educational chains, Heera gold, heera service, Heera mineral water, and Heera Real estate. Recently the company has decided to launch Heera digital gold and Digital silver. Heera Group owns more than ten malls that deal in Garments, Electronics, and Hardware products. Nowhera Shaik is ready for a fresh start, and it is the only way to forget yesterday’s distress. The investors have always maintained their faith after years of a legal battle. The legal action has proven to the world that she was right. Invest in Heera Digital Gold at your fingertips at the lowest price from the live market rate. Every business organization has ups and downs, and the Heera group returned with all the service once again.

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