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The Communist Party of China has claimed to have scored a decisive victory over the coronavirus pandemic. The victory was claimed by minimizing the casualties and staunchly defending its much-criticized zero-COVID policy. The party is saying that it has succeeded in preventing the widespread prevalence of variants. Since December last year, millions of people in China have contracted the Omicron virus. The unofficial reports said thousands of people, especially those above 60 years old, fell victim to it. More than 2 crore people were treated and nearly 8 lakh patients in severe conditions received effective treatment. The information has been given according to an official press release issued after the party’s political bureau meeting.  The Chinese government claimed to tackle the pandemic with a strong sense of responsibility and strategic resolve. China has optimized and adjusted the COVID-19 prevention and control measures in light of the evolving situation. The Chinese government effectively balanced pandemic containment with economic and social development, the report claimed.

The government has scored a decisive victory in its response to COVID-19.

As a result, the Chinese government has succeeded in preventing the widespread prevalence of variants. The variants are more virulent and fatal, effectively protecting people’s safety and health. The government has scored a decisive victory in its response to COVID-19. China, a country with a large population of 1.4 billion, has created a remarkable feat in the history of human civilization by successfully walking out of the pandemic,” the party claimed. Since November 2022, the focus was on optimizing response measures to safeguard the health and prevent severe cases and secure a smooth transition within a short period, it said. China’s mortality rate for COVID-19 has been kept at the lowest level globally. Without providing any data on the death toll during the recent Omicron spread in the country. Last month Chinese health officials reported as many as 60k new coronavirus deaths in hospitals across the country over the last 30 days. The criticism from the WHO that Beijing was heavily under-reporting the magnitude of the pandemic. China was the rare country where its vaccination campaign focused more on people below 60 years to keep the working-age population safe. The country’s zero covid policy was effective to halt the Delta variant but fell flat to containing the Omicron variant of COVID.

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