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Covid 19 in Canada

Covid-19 is becoming a severe issue for Canadians and all the world. The situation is being critical day by day. The number of cases in Canada is increasing rapidly. As per the reports, The variant of concern”Omicron” is highly reported worldwide. The total points of COVID-19 in Canada were 2,394,690 and 30,524 death on 6 January 2022. Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory carried out diagnostic testing for the virus that causes Covid-19. The public health Agency of Canada provides a regular support network,” well together Canada,” an online portal in which people can get free and instant support with 24×7 service.

Vaccines will be available free of charge to everyone in Canada.

Vaccines will be available free of charge to everyone in Canada. It’s mandatory to get vaccinated and boosted as soon as possible. Unvaccinated people have a high risk of getting infected with a virus..Besides vaccines, Quarantine and isolation also help the people of Canada prevent the spread of covid-19. At a time, all viruses, including covid-19, develop mutations. Because of mutations, Omicron is becoming more contiguous and out spreading worldwide. The first case is identified in Bearskin Lake First Nation, the community in Ontario leading to complete shut down; around 187 people, including workers, have tested positive. The federal government provides $4,83,000 to the community workers for their wages, food security, and essentials.

Travel restrictions continued in Canada. The government of Canada forbade the traveling of people, and if there is an emergency, then they need to follow the public measures; wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and being fully vaccinated are mandatory for traveling. On Wednesday, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announced that as the Omicron spread rapidly, the federal government would issue 140 million Covid-19 tests to provinces and territories. As the cases increase, there is a need for beds in hospitals. So,
On Sunday, Toronto’s University Health Network announced that it is reopening its Covid-19 unit because of the rise in admissions. Regarding students’ careers, the Canadian province’s Prince Edward Island announced that remote learning would continue until 17 January. Canadians and people worldwide are concerned and distressed about the Omicron”The variant of concern.”

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