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Covid19 impact on Education system

Covid-19 has a ripple effect on the Education sector because schools and colleges shut down, and students are not getting a quality education at home. Frontline workers and scientists are constantly working hard to curb the effect of the virus so schools and colleges can reopen. It has been two years since School colleges and universities closed, and students attended the online class. Frontline workers have themself at high risk without caring about their own lives to fight the virus.

The decision to close schools and colleges is a huge sacrifice. Because more than 80% of the world’s students cannot attend physical classes, it is a very tough and challenging situation for students and teachers to run the courses without physical appearance.

Impact of Covid-19 on Competitive exams.

All major entrance exams in India have been postponed because of outbreaks of viruses, for example, NEET, JEE, CLAT, and fashion design. It is a ringing alarm bell situation for universities and colleges because Teachers and staff face salary deductions. The surge in the virus has generated uncertainty in the exam cycle. Students of colleges and universities will meet an impact in completing the syllabus.

The primary concern is the paying capacity of people in the private sector. Educational institutions are pausing hiring plans for the vacant seats, which will affect Education. Educational institutions include teaching along with extracurricular activities, which are essential for growth. But online classes will affect them. Technology plays a significant role in teaching amid lockdown. It will overall affect the mental and physical development of students.

Low-income private school
Virtual teaching has importance amid the covid-19 lockdown. But low-income private schools can not afford it. Some prominent private schools adopted an online mode of education, but low-income schools and government schools may not organise an online teaching system for their students.

As a result, poor students will no longer get an education during a covid-19 pandemic. Students of government school also miss the mid-day meal, and it will result in social distress.

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