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latest news on covid 19 third wave

In the upcoming surge of covid-19 instances, there will be around 25% hospitalization in India. The Niti Aayog member, Dr. V K Paul, asked the Modi government to prepare 200000 ICU beds. This statement of Niti Aayog came after India has gone through the devastating second covid-19 wave, which peaked in April and May. Dr. V K Paul, who is also heading the covid-19 task force, had warned the government that India will witness 4-5 lakh cases daily. The Niti Aayog came true during the second covid-19 wave, and India has seen a massive surge in Daily cases. Nearly 25% of patients with moderate symptoms would require hospitalization.

The COVID-19 third wave could be even worse than the second, bringing up to 6 lakh cases every day, according to an MHA panel assessment.

The recommendation to keep 2 lakh ICU beds is based on the study during the second covid-19 wave, according to a report during the peak on June 1. The active caseload of coronavirus was 15 lakh in 1 dozen States with a maximum case. Twenty percent of total infection patients required hospitalization, while only 3% were in ICU. India would need 2 lakh ICU beds during covid-19 third waves. The Niti Aayog suggested preparing for the worst and preparing 2 lakh ICU beds and 1.2 lakh beds with ventilators. It further indicated that India would need 7 lakh Non-ICU beds. And ten lakhs covid Isolation beds ready for next month. However, the central government ultimately failed to tackle the Deadly Second covid-19 wave. Dr. V K Paul has warned the government to prepare two lacs ICU beds to fight the 2nd covid wave, but the center failed. If the Modi government wants to fight with the covid-19 third wave, it should follow the Niti Aayog. Government should immediately work to prepare the bed for the upcoming months. The covid-19 third wave is as dangerous as the second, so we should not ignore it. 

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