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The Cost Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle: Rapid Increase In Cancer In India

According to research, India has experienced a 7.5% increase in cancer patients. Because of bad lifestyle choices such as the intake of alcohol, pan masala, and cigarettes.

The ‘Globocan’ project research done by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer. Lifestyle issues have led to cancers of the lips, mouth, stomach, colon, and rectum in men. And also breast, ovarian, and cervix uteri cancers in women (WHO).

In the latest findings, India saw 10 lakh new cancer diagnoses and 6 lakh fatalities last year. A 7.5% increase over the same period in 2008. The Globocan project seeks to offer current estimates of cancer incidence, death, and prevalence for 184 countries throughout the world.

“India has a high cancer burden, with over 10 lakh new cases and over 6 lakh deaths recorded each year. By 2020, the incidence and death rates are anticipated to exceed 12 lakh and eight lakh, respectively. According to the report, 70% of cancer deaths in India are due to late diagnosis.
While people over 70 years of age account for 50% of fatalities in the United States. People in their productive years of 30 to 69 years account for 71% of deaths in India. In comparison to the global average of 0.5%, 15% of patients are youngsters. “There is a scarcity of cancer information.

Cancer patients are still considered untouchables in some areas, with even close families abandoning them. “The reality is that good supervision from a doctor and family support may enhance the quality of life,” said Asha Kapadia, head of oncology at PD Hinduja hospital in Mumbai. Boman Dhabar, a medical oncologist at Wockhardt Hospital, commented on the findings, saying, “There is a need to return to the simpler way of life that people used to live. Avoiding drinking, smoking, eating a fatty diet, and getting regular cancer screenings are all essential. “

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