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Why is sleep essential, and what is the sign of sleep deprivation?

Sleep is considered to be one of the crucial aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some implications of sleep deprivation that you need to know, as suggested by Saadhvi Raju, counselor, and psychotherapist.

Most of us require a sufficient 8 hours of good quality sleep to function correctly throughout the day. Some might need a little more than that and some, less based on their age. Sleep is an essential function leaving the mind, and therefore the body refreshed and recharged once we are awake. 

Humans need sleep like they need food, water, and air to survive. It doesn’t hurt your health to have a few sleepless nights. More than a few, though, you’ll see mental effects such as foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating, poor decision-making, etc. You’ll feel low and may even fall asleep during the day. At home, at work, and on the road, your risk of injury and accidents will also increase.

Healthy sleeping habits are vital to a person’s overall well-being. Often, sleep is overlooked or neglected. As we strive to function through the day without any difficulty, we should be aware of our sleep schedule and pattern and reach out for help if we feel any discomfort.

Sleep deprivation can have several signs and symptoms. Some of the symptoms are:


The most common sign of fatigue is feeling tired and physically exhausted after waking up in the morning; one might be tempted to go back to sleep.

Inability to focus: 

Making decisions and solving problems can also seem difficult if you cannot focus. Similarly, remembering things and memory are also affected.

Mood swings: 

We often experience severe mood changes, where we feel irritable and aggravated the whole day when we don’t get enough sleep.


Sleep may impact the hormones responsible for controlling feelings of hunger and fullness. You must sleep well to maintain a healthy weight. In the absence of sleep, you are likely to gain fat, gain weight, and develop type 2 diabetes.

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