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How To Boost Stamina Naturally Post Lockdown - Follow 4 Easy Ways

Now, as we are gradually getting out of our homes, beginning to go to the office, we observe that the stamina to do so isn’t there. We get exhausted soon and feel the necessity to push ourselves mentally and physically to do what we used to do without extra energy. But worry not! It’s time to revive ourselves, and we need to take tiny steps to move back where we need to be and do so systematically.

Here Are Easy Ways To Boost Your Stamina Post Lockdown

Eat At Proper Times: 

Fix your meal timings and stick to them, keeping a space of 30 minutes up or down. Dining at regular hours indicates the energy levels remain constant and don’t swing from highs to lows. It will improve your body’s rhythm and calm down; it will set out the hormones, holding you energized.

Drink Lots Of Water: 

We are in the thick of summers and need hydration. Even gentle dehydration leaves us tired; hence, one must take enough fluids, and a plain glass of water is the best choice. But if just having water is uniform, you can have coconut water, raw lemon water, fresh iced tea, Jaljeera, or Aam Panna with no sugar or with the least amount of sugar.

Add Nuts And Seeds To Your Menu: 

Nuts and seeds are a Yes in summers too. You can drown them in water if you think they are “garam” in summer. You can also take nuts to your summer drinks. Almond Thandai is a fine drink, and you can even have it in summers. They are excellent for raising immunity too.

Get Back To Exercising: 

The ones who have taken lockdown time to do zero in the exercise area must restart. Don’t get back to the high level of exercise instantly – get there gradually. And the ones, who have kept a mid-level of exercise, can move on to the next level, yet slowly.

By Aadvi

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