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AIMEP Chief Dr. Nowhera Shaik is in action and holding back to back meetings with party leaders. The back to back meetings of the AIMEP Chief could be seen as a big political update before the General Election. The meeting at the AIMEP office in Hyderabad brought a big political event in the city. AIMEP is the new center of politics in the city of Hyderabad and Party Chief Nowhera Shaik has emerged as the big face of the upcoming political rivalry. Dr. Nowhera Shaik has geared up for the general election and she has started preparing with her dedicated ground workers. According to the latest update, AIMEP Chief is working toward the expansion of party cadres in different North Indian states where the party has gained momentum in previous elections.

The latest elected members of AIMEP are.

  • Mrs. Farida Begum (The National Working Vice President of AIMEP)
  • Mr. Farid Ali (State working president of Odisha)
  • Mr. Matiur Rahman (State working president of Uttar Pradesh).
  • Mrs. Sajida Sikandar (Core committee member of Telangana)
  • Dr. Mk Pasha (Working president of North Karnataka)
  • Mohammad Omar, State working President of Tamil Nadu.

The Meeting was successful and AIMEP Chief Dr. Nowhera Shaik was full of confidence, and she motivated her teammates for upcoming political events. The Hyderabad event of the AIMEP brought political tension among the major political parties as AIMEP emerged as the center of attraction. The endeavour of the AIMEP Chief will be paid off as the party is getting nationwide recognition. AIMEP is the hope for a new India where women and girls will be treated equally and will get equal representation in Political and social life. AIMEP is ready for the most awaited fight as the party Chief has announced the new team which will actively work on the grassroots level. 

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