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islamophobia in India should be stopped

Islamophobia in India: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has Islamophobia, and they are using it as a weapon for Muslim genocide. BJP has always been using anti-muslim sentiments and thoughts, which you can see in their legislation and speeches. Now the question is that Why BJP fears Muslims despite having its rule in India. BJP’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ruled India for seven years, and they still fear Muslims. More than 99% of Chief Ministers in the States are Hindu, and BJP says, “Hindus are in danger.” Why do Hindus need to fear when their poster boy is Prime Minister, and if Hindus are in danger, BJP failed in the ruling.

What is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia is the fear of hatred or prejudice against Muslims in general. It is a part of racism where people treat Muslims and their enemies and do not roam around. They boycott their products and services; moreover, they boycott Muslims socially and economically. Those who fear Islam think Muslim is their biggest enemy on the planet; however, it is their thought.

The majority community has always been intolerant of the Islam and Muslim community. Islamophobia is a negative feeling and attitude towards Islam and Practicing Muslims. In recent years they started demonizing Islam and started projecting it as a religion of Terrorism.

Islamophobia In India

Do the Majority community need to fear Practicing Muslims? Do they ever hurt any Muslim without any genuine cause? It is the question you should ask yourself. It would be you who would give these answers honestly. Have you ever seen any Muslim guy lynching a Hindu youth without any reason or with the reason? Strictly Muslim guys never lynched anyone, any matters he is Hindu or anyone else. It is your fear of Islam that increases Islamophobia in India. Above all BJP is controlling your mind.

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