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Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi talked to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. Channi spoke to Sonia amid the huge controversy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security lapse. Sources said he had briefed Mrs. Gandhi on the evolving situation. For Mr. Channi, the Party unexpectedly elevated him to power in September after his predecessor Amarinder Singh quit. When visuals of the Prime Minister’s cavalcade stuck on a flyover in Bathinda, yesterday’s incident took the nation by surprise. Channi had said he would ” lay down my life to protect the PM .”Further, he said, “But there was no danger to his life. There was no security breach”.

BJP accused the Channi government of not preparing an alternative route even with intelligence about a farmers’ protest.

BJP accused the Channi government of not preparing an alternative route even with intelligence about a farmers’ protest in the area. It is also the job of the state police to sanitize a VIP’s way and check for threats. Congress had so far questioned the sudden change in the Prime Minister’s schedule. They alleged that in a breach of protocol, the change was made without the knowledge of the state police. The BJP has released what it says are “internal memos” of the Punjab Police, claiming they talk of last-minute changes due to bad weather. They mention that “farmers are likely to hold dharnas which may result in roadblocks. Please make necessary diversion plans”. The state government has found itself at a further disadvantage as the matter reached the Supreme Court.

The BJP filed a petition calling for the dismissal of the state’s home minister and the police chief. The Supreme Court has said that it will hear the matter tomorrow. In the exclusive interview, Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi said that a panel led by a retired high court judge would probe the security lapse during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Ferozepur. A report in this regard will be presented to me in three days as he explained his decision to form a committee to probe the security lapse. Protesters obstructed punjab CM Channi’s convoy. The chief minister then asked his driver to slow down the vehicle.

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