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Dr. Nowhera, a Politician

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh is the face of a multinational conglomerate.

A robust woman entrepreneur, Politician who stunned many of her opponents. Dr. Nowhera means ‘new diamond,’ the founder of Heera Group. For the first time, she emerged on the internet in July 2006 in an editorial in the Hindu. At that period, she was Alhima Shaikh Nowhera. And she recognized herself as president of At-Tawheed International Dawah Centre for Women. It had no connections with current organizations. However, she had episodes in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Ahmedabad. 

Dr. Nowhera also connected with the Al-Mu’minah School for Muslim girls in Mumbai. These organizations are committed to raising Muslim women. Therefore, she established the Heera International Helpline for Women which does not survive anymore.

Dr Nowhera Shaikh is a well-known celebrity in South India. She is a social activist and successful business entrepreneur. She has numerous works in social reformation, promoting child education. And also facilitating poor households with genuine business schemes and ideas.

She is the founder of ‘All India Mahila Empowerment Party,’. And also a successful businesswoman. She entered politics with a plan to empower the woman. Accordingly, the party receives support from the woman. Consequently, people were fanatic about the six-month-old Party. Because of its aim, purpose, and plan. In the recent Karnataka Assembly election, people stood in line to get the party ticket at its head office in Hyderabad.

MEP also aims to fight against child abuse and child labor for a better society.

Directing to the massive gathering at the rally, 

Dr Shaik said, “For 70 years, political parties across India have nothing but empty promises. Women are taken for a ride for their welfare and rights. It’s high time women should take up the challenge. MEP founded with this plan and has already taken a concrete step in this direction. Women have stood up against all odds. And are confident that we will win. MEP is a party with a difference.” 

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