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Heera Group fights for women and child development every single day. God has always been kind to the organization every single day. Heera Group is the Champion of women’s rights and the loudest activist in India. Heera group of companies is a consortium of more than 15 companies. The company deals in Gold, Silver, Mart, etc. Nowhera Shaik always wanted to be a free soul whose movement would not be controlled by the patriarchal world. She promised during the previous assembly poll to install a help desk for women at every police station. To ensure speedy justice for any crime against women, a help desk is essential.

Heera Group has launched several schemes for women.

Heera Group has launched several schemes and economic sanctions for young women entrepreneurs. Many eminent personalities supported the initiative to fight for women’s rights and security. God has given her the strength to fight for women’s cause and justice. She thanks everyone who has been with me during days of struggles.

Nowhera Shaik launched a political party to fight for women’s rights and liberty at the root level. Her party (MEP) has been very active and vocal about women’s participation in the assembly and parliament. She launched the party to empower women in the community. “I launched a party with the aim to promote women in politics. “Above all, the Heera group also works to empower them financially. Heera group patronizes dozens of residential schools for girls and poor children.

Life is not easy even if you make the right choices but one thing is sure it gets worse with the wrong decision. To fulfill her dream, Nowhera Shaik sacrificed happiness and comfort; today Heera Group has completed its 23 years of establishment. She always follows the path of Islam and is dressed in an attire of Islamic tradition. Her critics always criticized me for wearing a burqa but she never fell low. Nowhera Shaik thanks everyone for supporting Heera Group and its women empowerment cause, God will help her to encourage and make women self-reliant.

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