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Farmers Protest

The central government has told the Supreme Court that the farmers’ protest must come to an end. The Centre wants to ensure that no unanticipated incidents happen again, like in Lakhimpur Kheri. On January 2, 2021, the SC had stayed the three farm laws, but the protesting farmers had refused to accept anything. This prompted the SC to wonder whether the farmers could continue their protests while a challenge to the constitutionality of the farm laws was pending before the court.

They asked the government for a repeal of the laws and continued to protest. The SC had, in its order, allowed them to protest if they so wanted and asked the executive authorities not to interfere with their protests. The farmers’ protests have been continuing since then. But after Sunday’s incident, a Union Minister’s son allegedly ran over the farmers, killing two. The Union government said in court that the protests could not continue. “The protests must end,” AG said, dubbing the incident as “unfortunate.”

The AG said in court that the Farmers Protest must stop.

The AG said Such unfortunate incidents should not happen. The protests must stop. A bench led by Justice AM Khanwilkar made several adverse comments on the protests in this context. “Nobody takes responsibility when such events happen,” Justice Khanwailkar observed. What are the farmers protesting about? No one other than the court can decide the validity of the farm laws. When are farmers in court challenging the law? Why protest on the streets? How can the executive allow these protests? What is the validity of the protests?” The Supreme Court asked.

However, the Central government has not arrested the Minister’s son yet. Since Monday, He has been roaming freely, but Priyanka Gandhi and other leaders got arrested. The government should clarify the matter of whether they want to take action against the accused or not.

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