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Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Nalin Kumar Kateel asked the public to kill all ardent followers of Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan was the 18th Century ruler of Mysore. Kateel further said that followers of the Sultan should be chased out and sent to forests. BJP said Congress allowed celebrating Tipu Jayanti which was not required and spoke disgracefully about Savarkar.  The BJP Chief further said we are devotees of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman. We offer prayers and obeisance to Lord Hanuman, and we are not Tipu’s descendants. Let’s send Tipu’s descendants back home.

The BJP leader asked the people whether they offer prayers to Lord Hanuman or Tipu.

 The BJP chief asked the people whether they offer prayers to Lord Hanuman or Tipu. Then will you send those who are ardent followers of Tipu to the forest? Think about it. Do you think Karnataka needs Hanuman devotees or descendants of Tipu? BJP Chief is issuing a challenge that those who are ardent followers of Tipu should not remain alive on this fertile soil.  Kateel stoked controversy by claiming that the coming assembly election in Karnataka was a Tipu vs Savarkar one.

The BJP chief further said, they are allowed to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, which is not required in this state. He challenged Siddaramaiah (senior Congress Karnataka leader), next elections were between Tipu and Savarkar. Let us discuss, come on if this country requires a patriot like Savarkar or Tipu?” The BJP chief asked. Last month, Nalin raised quite a few eyebrows while at the launch of ‘Booth Vijay Abhiyan’ in Mangalore. He demeaned water shortage, sewage problems, and roads filled with potholes as minor problems. Assembly elections are due for 224 seats in Karnataka in April-May, in which the BJP is hoping to win a second term in power.

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