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The 10-page document ordered employees to not upload or save any internal, restricted, confidential government data or files on any non-government cloud.

MEP aims to upgrade the quality of life and standards of farmers. About two percent of the profit of the Heera group was provided to farmers or utilized for the welfare of this unrecognized section of India. AIMEP raised against chemical uses in farming and planned to arrange interest-free loans to farmers, thereby showing a path to farm correctly, water supply for irrigation, manure for fields, etc. Being a suitable president of AIMEP reflects the real mind and thinking of farmers.

The MEP menifesto in the upcoming Karnataka Election.


  • Special vigilant drive to curb corruption.
  • Introducing e- filing, e- billing, e- reports in all the government departments to make Corruption free Karnataka.
  • Online complaint filing web portal directly linked to state administration to check the corruption from the grass root level.
  • Establish an online grievance cell at every Taluk to monitor the speedy disposal of grievances of the applicants.
  • Fixing CCTV in all departments for ensuring honesty and transparency.


  • 50% Reservations for women in all Legislative Bodies
  • Special Schemes for women empowerment.
  • Interest free loan to all the women entrepreneurs of Karnataka.
  • Interest free loans to all the women in self-help groups.
  • Special provision for financial support to pregnant women falling under the poverty line.


  • Scholarships, Fee Reimbursement in higher studies to all SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities of Karnataka.
  • Payment of family pension @ Rs. 2000/- per month to every old and infirm person living below the poverty line.
  • Establishment of a separate co-operative bank for weavers.
  • Setting up procurement Statements and supplying yarn to weavers to get yarn without any difficulty.
  • Quality old Age homes across all Districts/Cities.

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