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Despite opposition parties’ protests, Narendra Modi and BJP are not ready to debate or talk about the pegasus Spyware scandal. It is rare to see unity among opposition parties in Indian politics and when all the parties collectively ask about Pegasus. Pegasus is an Israeli intelligence software developed by the NSO group. It can read text messages, track calls, collect passwords, location tracking, and harvest information from devices. Pegasus has compromised thousands of handsets and laptops. It uses the famous rooting method framaroot.

Opposition parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, TMC, DMK and RJD continuously protest against Pegasus spyware. Since the new parliament session started, opposition parties have raised their voices to probe the spyware scandal. Parties have alleged that Narendra Modi used Israeli intelligence software to hack the mobile phones of opposition leaders. The government has hacked and spied on the phones of many prominent personalities, such as judges, opposition leaders, and Businessmen. Narendra Modi even spied on the phone of his party members; now, we can see the effectiveness of this scandal.

What is the Pegasus Spyware Scandal?

Israeli Cyber arms NSO has developed the Pegasus spyware that it can covertly install on Phones and computers. The 2021 pegasus project revealed that the current software could exploit all IOS versions. It is capable of reading messages, tracking calls and harvesting information from apps. It has compromised millions of iPhone handsets, and it does not rely on zero-day vulnerabilities. NSO uses a very famous rooting method which is framaroot.

How does it work?

The initial involves a crafted message that provides a link to the websites. If you click on that link, then it would deliver malicious software that compromises the device. It aims to seize complete control of the mobile operating system either by rooting or jailbreaking.

Government should clear its stand on the Pegasus Spyware Scandal whether it has used it or not. If they did not use it for malicious acts, then why are they not ready to probe. It’s a clear threat to the right to privacy, which is a fundamental right of the citizens.

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