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The MEP president Dr. Nowhera Shaik is dedicated to women’s cause; that’s why she founded a political party. Nowhera Shaik formed a party to bring social harmony to the society although she has a dream to bring equal participation in active electoral politics. She always tried to break social taboos through her activities and bold statements, her move has always astonished the political world. The All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) has been vocal on social issues, particularly women’s rights and women’s causes. The party is giving special attention to the cause of the common people and AIMEP has announced plans to form speedy trial courts to ensure prompt justice for women in their previous Manifesto.

The MEP has been vocal about equal rights in society.

The MEP has been vocal about equal rights in society. Earlier during the Uttar Pradesh assembly election, MEP had promised that if MEP forms government in the state, the 50% reservation will be given to women. MEP wants 50% participation for women in the parliament and Assembly. Various parties have formed the government, but no action has been taken on women’s reservations. Governments failed to provide basic needs to the People and always used them as a vote bank. It’s time to take steps toward defending the rights of the people. All the previous governments who care about the people more, in particular the women, have done nothing for the past 60 years. All the political parties used women, youth, and farmers as their vote bank.

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