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The Welfare of Farmers, youths, poor, women and STs are its core motive.

The MEP has made a proper road map for the people of Karnataka and Gujarat. The Welfare of Farmers, youths, poor, women and STs are its core motive. The Party is ready to contest the state assembly election to resolove the core issues of native people and it will provide benefits to everyone.

The Core agendas in MEP manifesto.


  • Establishment of Veterinary health centres in every village with qualified veterinary staff.
  • Providing Health Cards to livestock linked with Aadhaar.
  • Supply of quality nutritive fodder to the livestock at every KISAN MART at low prices.
  • Establishment of Research centres at every District headquarters to impart the technical knowledge for the production of high quality.
  • Special provisions for the protection of local breeds.
  • Providing interest-free loans to the Animal breeders.
  • Attracting youth towards Animal Husbandry by providing Veterinary education at every Taluk of the State.
  • Special provision for augmenting revenue from the Animal Husbandry sector.
  • Establishment of Industries related to Animal Husbandry.
  • Special provisions for Poultry and sheep farming.


  • To Encourage Horticulture in small land holdings.
  • To Encourage Roof Horticulture.
  • Provision for support price for Vegetables by the Government.
  • Establishment of cold storage units to store the vegetables all across District Zones.
  • Providing special training, and technology inputs to all engaged in vegetable and fruit farming.
  • To encourage women towards Horticulture by providing interest-free loans.
  • Linking E- Technology for increasing the production of Vegetables and fruits.
  • Providing Direct selling units in KISAN MART.


  • To provide proper facilities to promote fish export.
  • Providing modern fishing boats on interest-free loans.
  • Establishing a self-help Centre to encourage the fishery units in the State.
  • Introduction of a mechanism for redressing the grievances of the fishermen.
  • Establishment of fisheries colleges at every Zonal Headquarter of the State and children of fishermen will be given preference in the admission in such colleges.
  • Provision of loan with subsidy for buying boats, fishing nets, catamaran, search lights etc required for fishermen through fishermen cooperative societies.


  • Establishment of co-operative Societies for all sectors to avail benefits of the Government beneficial schemes.
  • Establishment of co-operative Stores to promote sales of agricultural products.
  • Establishing Co-operative stores to encourage cottage industries and sale of Handlooms products.
  • Creation of Co-operative Fund by the Government to develop the Co-operative Societies.


  • Encourage Social forestry.
  • Providing Saplings to the needy people for planting them in front or on the roofs of their houses.
  • Utilization of barren land for social forestry.
  • Strict enforcement of laws to protect the existing forest land from the land mafias.
  • Establishment of the wildlife sanctuaries at every zonal headquarters of the State.

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