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MEP supporters and workers from Karnataka for actively participating in the party programs. Nowhera Shaik especially likes to thank the women and youth for the grand welcome of the MEP. She truly thanks all of you for your endeavour and dedication to the party. Party entry in Karnataka has astonished the whole political world, and MEP will emerge as a kingmaker in the assembly election. MEP is the party of every individual apart from his race, caste, place of birth and religion.

MEP will field its candidates in all constituencies of the Karnataka assembly election.

MEP will field its candidates in all constituencies, starting with the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections held soon. MEP is a secular party that believes in Justice with Humanity and aims to fight for women’s empowerment, democracy and equality of all citizens irrespective of gender, caste, creed, region, religion and social status. MEP aims to fight against illiteracy, child labour, child abuse, and crimes against women for a better society. For 70 years, political parties across India have had nothing but empty promises. Women are taken for a ride for their welfare and rights. It’s high time women should take up the challenge. MEP was founded with this plan and has already taken a concrete step in this direction. Women have stood up against all odds and are confident that we will win. MEP is a party with a difference.“

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