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Delhi Covid 19 updates

Authorities in Delhi will step up Covid-19 testing. Including by resuming random sampling at metro stations, bus stops and markets. It will be to bolster disease surveillance when there has been an uptick in positive cases. On Saturday, the Capital recorded 461 cases, with 5.33% of all tests turning positive. Hospitalisation and fatality trends have remained flat and suggest no cause for alarm. Experts have said the current rise in positivity rate might be exaggerated since only those developing symptoms are likely to be tested. But the recent uptick has prompted officials to reconsider some of the protocols, including the dropping of penalties for not wearing a mask.

The other step, a senior official in the Delhi government said on Saturday, includes more testing. The gradual increase in the number of Covid-19 tests will start from Monday. It will start showing in Tuesday’s bulletin. District administrations will soon be formally directed to intensify the testing and tracking strategy.

A government spokesperson confirmed that testing would be increased in the coming days.

The matter will also be discussed in the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) meeting scheduled on Wednesday (April 20). Concrete guidelines for health and district teams are expected after the DDMA meeting. But even before that, as cases continue to rise, some districts are planning to gradually intensify random testing in public places. Such as metro stations, bus stops railway stations and, most importantly, markets. A government spokesperson confirmed that testing would be increased in the coming days. The health and revenue departments will develop a plan in 2-3 days. The Delhi government never reduced its testing capacity. The state still has one of the highest Covid-19 testing capacities compared to any other state or city with similar population size. Delhi can test at least one lakh (100,000) samples every day, and if needed, it can be increased to three lakh. Official said.

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