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Just five days since a Malad man ended his life after his morphed photographs were circulated on WhatsApp. It was distributed by alleged recovery agents of a loan app. Another Malad resident, Anurag Singh (24), claims to have fallen prey to a similar blackmail tactic. He filed a complaint with Kurar police on Sunday. According to Singh, the app accessed his contact list after installing it on May 1 to inquire about what loan he could avail of. An app without his consent transferred Rs 3,805 to his bank account the same day. Kurar police said on May 6, Singh began receiving SMSes and threat calls. They demanded he repays the “loan” and “interest” of Rs 7,000 for just six days.

The loan app demands Rs 7,000 interest on Rs 3.8k for just six days.

Young Malad resident Anurag Singh has lodged a complaint about harassment and blackmail by agents of an online loan app. Police said one of the callers got annoyed when Singh requested if he could repay the loan in cash instead of an online transfer. Singh and his friends blocked the numbers after they began to forward his morphed photos. Singh filed a police case against three mobile SIM numbers through which he and his friends got threat calls between May 6 and 7. Singh, a graduate, employed with a private firm, said he came across an ‘Hedisy Loan App’ ad link on his Facebook page. App says to get an easy loan without any documentation. As he planned to avail of a personal loan, he clicked on the link.

He was directed to download the app. To check his loan eligibility and the maximum amount he could get. He uploaded his Aadhar and PAN cards and other banking details and was also granted access to her phone contact list and gallery. He was shocked when Rs 3,805 was credited into his account as a loan he had not availed of without her knowled

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