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Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a gifted entrepreneur and philanthropist. She has seen many ups and downs in her life, making her the strong-hearted she is today. She made various headlines with her unbelievable achievement in the business world. Nowhera Shaik runs several free educational institutions for girl children. Nowhera Shaik has donated lots of money for women and child welfare work. Nowhera Shaik opened Jamiatun-Niswan As-Salafia and other educational institutions to promote religious education alongside academic knowledge. She is the role model for millions of women from poor backgrounds and starves to succeed in life. Nowhera Shaik bears the study expenses of more than 1000 girls and provides them with food and lodging.

Nowhera Shaik started the Heera Group with very little support but became a company with a considerable share.

Jamiat Niswan As-Salafia is an institute of national excellence. Jamiat-Niswan Al Salafia in Tirupati is one of the leading educational institutions for girls. It is a torchbearer of Muslim girls’ education in Tirupati and a well-equipped and finest educational institution for Muslim girls. Nowhera Shaik started the Heera group with very little support but became a company with a considerable share. It has seen unprecedented growth in its business in the last 25 years. The pioneer of this vision is a lady from a very low-income family. She has designed and carved the entire enterprise right by herself; above all, she works with employees.

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