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Renowned social worker Sindhutai Sapkal, fondly known as ‘the mother of orphan children, passed away. She had a heart attack in a private Pune hospital. Sapkal received the Padma Shri last year, passed at 73. She grew up in extreme poverty and endured immense hardship during her early years. Sapkal is known for the numerous institutes she has set up for orphan children. She had been admitted to the Galaxy Care Hospital in Maharashtra’s Pune. She had undergone a hernia surgery one and a half months ago, and recovery was prolonged. Today she died of a heart attack around 8 pm. She was Born on November 14, 1948, in the Wardha district of Maharashtra.

Sapkal was forced to drop out of school after she had passed the 4th standard.

Sapkal was forced to drop out of school after she had passed the 4th standard. As young as age 12, she was married to a 32-year-old man. After she gave birth to three children, her husband abandoned her while pregnant. At one point, as her mother and the village where she had grown up refused to help her in her plight, Sapkal had to resort to begging to raise her daughters.

However, she soon started working for orphans’ welfare, overcoming these circumstances. Having raised over 1,050 orphan children, she can boast of having 207 sons-in-law and 36 daughters-in-law. In addition to the Padma award, Sapkal has received more than 750 awards and honors in her lifetime. She has used the award money to build shelters for orphans further. Her life has been an inspiration to many. In 2010, a Marathi biopic on her life, Mee Sindhutai Sapkal, was released and selected for the world premiere at the 54th London Film Festival. Paying tribute to the renowned social worker, Modi tweeted, “Dr Sindhutai Sapkal will be remembered for her noble service to society. Due to her efforts, many children could lead a better quality of life.”

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