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taliban captured afganisthan

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan a week before the United States was set to complete its troop withdrawal. The US troops are ready to leave Afghanistan after a costly two decades of war. The insurgents stormed across Afghanistan, capturing all the cities in a matter of days. However, The US army trained and equipped the Afghan Security forces. Here we will discuss what is happening in Afghanistan and what comes next.

What is happening in Afghanistan?

The Taliban, a militant group that ran Afghanistan two decades ago, has again taken control. The United States invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 ousted the militants from power, but they never left. After the Taliban blitzed across the country in recent days, the US-backed government that has run the country for 20 years collapsed. The people of Afghanistan, fearing for the future, raced to the Kabul airport, one of the last routes out of the country.

Why are people fleeing the country?

People of Afghanistan worried about their future under the Talibani regime. They think Talibani could carry out revenge attacks against those who worked with the government and Americans. Many also fear the Taliban will reimpose the harsh interpretation of sharia law that they relied on when they ran the country from 1996 to 2001. Back then, Talibani militants barred women from attending schools or working outside the home. It banned music and televisions and cut off the hands of thieves.

Why are the Taliban taking over now?

The Taliban is taking over Kabul now because US troops are set to withdraw by the end of the month. The US has been trying to get out of the country, its longest war, for 20 years now. American troops removed the Taliban in less than one month when they invaded Kabul in the early 20th century. Last year Donald Trump announced withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan as they signed a peace deal with the Taliban that limited military action against them.

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