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The 12th may be hearing of the Heera Group case is a complete victory for Heera Group. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has supported the Heera Group in several statements and arguments. The Court has questions from SFIO and officials. The Heera Group is heading toward victory. Once again, a verdict favors Heera Group in the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The Hon’ble Court has directed the SFIO to concentrate on the central issues. Heera Group is always ready to assist the SFIO and other investigation agencies in data retrieval. The ASG, Mr. Raju, has asked for a three-month time period to be nearer to the goal. The Hon’ble Supreme Court said that the primary concern should be to verify the claim and assets and see how well the disbursement to the investors takes place so that the issue of investors getting back their funds is met with as a priority.

Out of 241 bank accounts of Heera Group, only 61 have been unfrozen yet.

Out of 241 bank accounts, only 61 have been unfrozen, yet with the bank account, how it is possible to repay the investors. The Heera Group is also saying that its primary concern is investors’ money and how it should be compensated. Once the claim is verified and bank accounts are unfrozen, everyone will get back their money. Heera Group has continuously extended its support to investigation agencies and departments, and this time, we have extended support to SFIO. Heera Group is ready to assist the agencies in the data retrieval so that the repayment process will be initiated soon. If we talk about the Heera Group bank accounts, which are still frozen, the Hon’ble Court has asked SFIO several times to unfreeze the account. This time also, the SC has asked SFIO that despite several reminders, why Heera Group bank accounts are not frozen yet.

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