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China’s ruling Communist Party put up a strong defence of its much-criticised zero-COVID policy and ruled out its roll back. Party said it is a “reality” that coronavirus is still lingering while describing Beijing’s measures as the “most cost-effective. Sun Yeli, spokesperson for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC); said China’s measures to tackle the COVID-19 have worked well for the country and the zero-COVID policy is a science-based policy.

COVID has dealt a heavy blow to economies all around the world. As things stand, however, it is still lingering, that is the reality; he said ahead of the once-in-a-five-year Congress which begins its weeklong session on Sunday. Ahead of the Congress; Beijing has witnessed rare public protests denouncing the zero-COVID policy of periodic lockdowns of the cities; with cases and strict control measures resulting in the slowdown of the economy and fuelling unemployment.

China’s measures to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic are the most cost-effective.

China’s measures to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic are the most cost-effective and have worked the best for the country; Sun said when asked if the measures which slowed down the economy will be relaxed. We give top priority to people’s health and safety. This is part and parcel of our epidemic response efforts and the dynamic zero-COVID policy has been adopted in light of China’s national realities and it is a science-based policy, Sun added. China has a big population including elderly people and the development is uneven among regions and medical resources are insufficient, he said

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