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The Heera Group case has been going smoothly in the Apex court.  SFIO and Heera Group both are mutually working to solve the matter as soon as possible. Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik endeavours to settle the investor’s claim for which she has disclosed the sources and fund proof. Everything is happening smoothly and agencies are also working to settle the matter. The SFIO has requested the Apex Court to make a committee for payment distribution. The committee will decide the issues related to payment distribution which will be led by Retired Justice. ED officials and Heera Group officials will be part of the committee. Heera Group officials will play a major role in the payment distribution as they will be the core member of the committee.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court rejected the false claim against the Heera Group properties.

Today on 31st January, the Supreme Court of India rejected the petition of people who were falsely claiming the Heera Group properties. All the false claims are being made by the people who wanted to create hindrances in smooth hearing. A group of people was running with fake paper of Heera Group land, today Supreme Court rejected their plea and granted the order in favour of Heera Group. A clear message by Hon’ble Court that no one can mislead the court from deciding the matter as soon as possible.  The Hon’ble Supreme Court is very actively hearing the matter and soon the judgement will come in Heera Group’s favour. Everyone is aware of the fact that the Supreme Court itself said that the Heera Group will be solved very soon. The Hon’ble Supreme Court is very impressed with the Heera Group’s active participation. Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik has been assisting the court and agencies. Heera Group investors are in big relief after today’s hearing.

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