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On Thursday, the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s fact-checking unit shut down six YouTube channels for allegedly spreading false information in the country. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) fact-check unit (FCU) released several pieces of evidence to prove these channels’ attempts to spread fake news in a six-part Twitter thread. With the advancement of information technology, it is now easier than ever to spread false information. According to officials, these channels disseminate misleading information. They allegedly make claims about the outlawing of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and falsely attribute them to the President or Chief Justice of India. “The channels use fake, clickbait, and sensational thumbnails and images of television news anchors to mislead viewers into believing that the news is authentic and to drive traffic to their channels in order to monetize the videos published by them,” the ministry said.

Nation TV, Samvaad TV, Sarokar Bharat, Nation 24, Swarnim Bharat, and Samvaad Samachar are the six banned YouTube channels. These YouTube channels collectively have over 20 lakh subscribers and have received over 51 crores views. The ministry asserts that these outlets disseminate false information about the Supreme Court, Parliament, elections, and the Union government, among other things.

The decision to shut down the channels is commendable when we think of the potential misinformation that will be circulated among the citizens of the nation. Moreover, the chances of inflicting violence and fear among the communities increase significantly. It has been proven that the country has faced many severe consequences because of rumours. Even though the Indian Constitution recognizes freedom of expression as one of the fundamental rights of Indian citizens, misinformation should be strictly monitored.

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