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150 indians were kidnapped near kabul airport

Taliban captured around 150 people near Kabul airport, mostly Indians. They abducted 150 people from outside the gate of Kabul airport, according to the local media report. The Foreign Ministry of India is trying to confirm the news from its people inside Kabul and has not commented. The information comes after an Air force transport aircraft managed to evacuate seven dozen Indians from Kabul. The plane has landed in Tajikistan, and it is on standby for further evacuations.

According to reports, a group of Indian citizens were stopped and transported to an undisclosed place near the Kabul airport by Talibans.

The Indian government has been trying to bring back as many Indians as possible to the airport in Kabul to keep them safe. However, it works out the evacuation logistics. The government has evacuated its embassy. The Union Home Ministry said since not all of them registered themselves with the embassy. Among those 200 Hindus and Sikhs who have taken refuge at the Gurdwara in Kabul. Last week a spokesman of the Taliban released a video showing that they are taking responsibility for their safety.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Sunday.

The Taliban took effective control of Kabul on Sunday after Ashraf Ghani flew to the UAE. It has taken back control of Kabul after a two-decades-long struggle with the US and the Afghan government. The most prolonged battle of history has taken the life of a thousand innocent Afghani. It helps the first batch of 45 Indian personnel who were evacuated on the first IAF aircraft.

The US removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan in 2001, but it has seized the country once again. Kabul was the last city that fell under the Talibani rule. In 2018, it entered direct talks with the US and signed a peace deal. The United States committed to withdrawing its troops from the country, and in return, the Taliban would not attack US troops.

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